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    Default How to "undo" some of the changes with the latest update?

    So, the latest software update (last week or the week before) changed some settings, mostly aesthetics, on my TB, and I want to change them back. Anyone know how to adjust the settings to undo these things (without rooting or uninstalling the update, please!)? Thank you!

    -- The icon for gmail is different. Before it was a nice, crisp envelope, now it's shaded grey, and not as distinguishable in the status bar. Bonus points if there's a way to distinguish which of my 3 gmail accounts the mail is from...

    -- When I "wake up" my phone, there has always been animation of the weather, but now there's an obnoxious sound as well. Can I turn off just the sound and leave the visual?

    -- To set my alarm clock, I tap on the clock on my home screen. It then takes me into "World Clock" and I can select along the bottom to go to alarm, timer, etc. Can I set it to go directly to the alarm clock menu?

    -- Market now checks for updates at least once a day. While I appreciate it doing so for the apps I do use, it reminds me everyday that there are updates available for the random apps that Verizon/HTC put on the phone. Can I tell it not to search for updates on them?
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    Go to weather widget settings and uncheck sound.
    Go to market settings and shut off notifications in each of your three gmail accounts.
    I agree about the new gmail notifier icon. It stinks. No idea how to "fix" it.
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