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    Default Re: What will be you Tbolt replacement?

    I will be waiting on HTC or a razor maxx
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    I'll be happy if I can keep this phone for another 2 years. This thing runs like a champ.

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    Default Re: What will be you Tbolt replacement?

    Quote Originally Posted by Shotine View Post
    Because of verizon axing the 1yr upgrades and their new 30 dollar (bend over and take it) upgrade fee i will be very very picky about my next android. It MUST have a removeable battery, a memory card slot, 4.5 or 4.7 inch screen, 8mp rear camera or higher, be fully rootable, and have a 4-1 core processor.
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    I'm due for an upgrade in November. Running Thundershed 1.5 right now and loving it (and I'm usually a Sense guy). I really want to see a One X variant on the Big Red, but would probably be happy with a One S. I just want ICS and dual (or quad) core with a high resolution screen. A kickstand, removable battery and external storage would be nice, but not having them isn't necessarily a deal breaker for me. I would rather stay HTC (last 5 smartphones have been HTC) but if Samsung brings something really nice to Verizon I would consider it.
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    Upgrade is due in Nov also, had the gnex, rezound and the best one, the razor still happy will tbolt running tshed 1.5 . Oct and Nov alot phones should be Avail, can't wait. Maybe note, or tbolt 2 at the razor thiness.

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