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    Default RANDOM apps showing up on main screens

    Ok, so lately I've noticed random apps showing up on one of my main screens(farthest one to left.) I just deleted 5 of them.... Why do they keep showing up and how do I stop them? Thinking whatever caused it is also slowing my phone down. Thanks in advance.
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    Default Re: RANDOM apps showing up on main screens

    Having the same issue. No clue why haven't added any new apps. They just pop up on home screen. It's driving me nuts.
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    When you say random apps, are you talking about apps that you have previously installed or apps you never installed? If it's the first, do you have the "create shortcuts" option check in the market options. That will cause new shortcuts to show up when an app updates.

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    Default Re: RANDOM apps showing up on main screens

    they could be ads due to some game or app that you downloaded from the market. I get these all the time, and they are annoying. they are kind of like spam emails that you get on your pc, you have to figure out how to unsubscribe to them, or figure out what game (it's usually a specific company) invited the "spam" and delete the game. I did some googling about a month ago on this, and there's an app out there that will actually let you know which apps are allowing ads, and IF you can delete (opt out) the ads. it's called ad network detector, and it works pretty good. I opted out of 4 "ads", but some games/apps won't allow you to do it. for example, Go launcher has parts of it that allow these, so I have to either delete Go laucncher, or deal with the annoying "ads". airpush is one of the biggest offenders, and I used their "opt out" app, and I still get them. so, I'm just dealing with them. good luck on your research.
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    Default Re: RANDOM apps showing up on main screens

    I use AirPush Detector as well and it found several apps that were adding rogue apps to my phone.
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    Angry Re: RANDOM apps showing up on main screens

    Same with me! i will just go on my phone and on the far left there will be random apps that i have never installed before! IT'S DRIVING ME CRAZY!!
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    Default Re: RANDOM apps showing up on main screens

    I just downloaded airpush, and i found out that it was a apk file i download from 4share. It was a free sports app that i couldn't get while in the states. Now its gone and everything is good. Thanks for the heads up about the app
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    Default Re: RANDOM apps showing up on main screens

    I downloaded AirPush Detector and did a scan on my Samsung GS3. It found an app named "Adobe Flash Player" was actually a push app. I recall being prompted to download it as it was needed for a site I had been directed to. Live and learn, thanks for your great advice on Airpush detector!
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    Default Re: RANDOM apps showing up on main screens

    I tried AirPush Detector, but it didn't find anything on my phone what would be creating the new shortcuts. I sent them a list of my installed apps - I'll let you know what they find.
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    Default Re: RANDOM apps showing up on main screens

    same thing here I have a galaxy s3 virgin mobile and chinese screen popped up out of nowhere and I can't get rid of it can't figure out which app it came from don't know what to do
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    I had this issue for a few weeks. I found a solution that worked on my Galaxy Tab 3.

    1. Go to Settings then to your accounts.
    2. Select Google account then click Ads.
    3. Tick the box that says "Opt out of interest based ads".

    As said this worked for me and have not had any issuses for a month.

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    Default Re: RANDOM apps showing up on main screens

    Hi All!

    I downloaded an app called Ad Detector by TrustGo. So far, so good. I'm hoping this will end it once and for all.

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