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    Default Wireless tether

    I'm running Thundershed, and the wireless tether does not seem very stable. I keep losing the internet connection on my laptop and have trouble getting it back up without disconnecting and starting the whole process over again. Is there a better app I can use, or something better I can download that what came with Thundershed?
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    Default Re: Wireless tether

    I've started using Wireless Tether for Root Users. It has been more reliable than what comes with the ROM.

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    Default Re: Wireless tether

    Been using this since you recommended it. Works great and no drops. It sure is nice to get on the internet using 4g speeds compared to what I used to have.
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    Default Re: Wireless tether

    Good to hear!
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    Default Re: Wireless tether

    I have noticed that I have to start the built in tether app in order for Wifi tether to work.

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