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    Default HTC Thunderbolt

    Hello, New to this so here it goes: I have a HTC Thunderbolt had it for two years, I dropped it last Saturday and now the screen flickers sometimes and I have dead spots now. I really love this phone. I didnt break the screen, it does have a protective cover. could I have just dislodged the digitizer cable? I went to verizon and they said bolt is out of warranty, they gave me a i-phone 4, free, renewed contract, I dont like the iphone 4 people sound muffed when they call, only 3G, speaker is not as good as thunderbolt. What can I do? Do I dare open up bolt to see what happened, I looked on youtube and sounds really tricky to open up the phone, using heat prying things apart sounds like you can mess things up fast!! Thanks
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    Default Re: HTC Thunderbolt

    The iphone 4 is pretty old, so I don't think I would want to be stuck with that for the next 2 years. I'd return it immediately, and look at picking up the S3, the Razr Maxx HD, or the DNA if you're gonna re-up on contract. If those are out of your price range, Verizon is offering the Rezound for free, and the Galaxy Nexus for $50. Also, take a look at sites like Amazon and LetsTalk.com to see what sales they're having.

    As far as fixing your Bolt, I wish I could help, but that's not my area of expertise and I have no experience with opening up a phone to fix it.
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    Default Re: HTC Thunderbolt

    Yeah, thats what I am going to do, I will return it and get the Razor Maxx, I was looking at that anyway, thanks.
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    Default Re: HTC Thunderbolt

    I have the thunderbolt,rezound, razr Maxx, and gs3. I would advise against the Maxx. It is sluggish and the screen isn't great. The gs3 is the best option, IMO if price is a concern. I have seen it for $50 ish on sale.

    The only reason I would choose the Maxx is the battery life. Second would be the rezound. Third would be the Maxx.

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