Ok, previously (before the ICS update), my wife and I would share pictures back and forth from Tumblr to Handcent.

We used the stock IE web browser and had no problems.

Whenever we found a picture that we liked, we would just long hold on it and a popup window would give options to save it, send it, or share it.

We would tap share, then another window would popup giving options of which app to share it through. In our case we used Handcent. The picture would show up in Handcent and we would just add the persons address and send. It was simple and slick.

However, after the ICS update, we do not get the option to share.

I've tried 3 or 4 other web browsers and most of them do not give the share option and if they do give the share option, then only the URL for the picture shows up in Handcent, not the picture itself.

The only browser I've found that comes close to the way we were doing it is Firefox. And Firefox is slower than the stock browser IMO.

Anyone know of a fix to get the old web browser, or any of the other web browsers to "act" right?

Thanks for any help.