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    Default Just wondering who all uses lookout mobile security still

    Just wanted to see how it affects their batter life as opposed to not using it? Big or little or no difference?

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    hmmm good question.. it use to kill my incredible... so i uninstalled it
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    Had it on my Incredible with no issues and now on my TB. I've never seen it show up on my "Battery use" list so I assume all is well.
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    I'm using it. Not showing up on my "Battery use" list either, and I'm getting apparently awesome battery life.
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    Same as above, i use it and have no problems from it.
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    Same as above ^ people stated
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    Default Lookout mobile security user

    It helped me find my phone. I left it somewhere and could not find it. I went online with my desktop and it told me the location was at my office. I still couldn't find it and had it shout out. I gave a loud siren noise and I found it under some papers. I think it's a great app. If I did loose it I can clear it out so that nobody can get my contacts.
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    I used it on my Droid X, but haven't put it on the Thunderbolt yet. I'll do that now...thanks for the reminder.
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    I works fine on mine. Even though I am using a custom rom.

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    Cool really glad to hear that its not a big hinderance on the battery, going to dl now.

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