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    I've had my LG G2 for a week now and I'm having issues with electronic noises in the reception on my phone and sounds of being in a tunnel to some weird noise at the other end. Anyone having this issue or others? I live in Mobile Al. area. Great phone other wise!
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    Default Re: Poor Reception

    Sorry you are having issues. For me the G2 has amazing sound quality compared to any other smartphone I've owned. Maybe it's the network where you are located?

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    No issues here ether. Must be location your in or phone issues. Sorry to hear tho..😕
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    I don't know about the tunnel but electronic noises may be same as what I heard in 3 of them. Some calls clear, others have those disturbing loud screeching and chirping and doesn't seem to relate to signal level. You can look up my posts on this forum where I complained and ranted about it. Verizon manager heard it and never heard anything like it before. They are all returned and i am waiting to get a moto x... waiting for update to come to Verizon before buying it. Had 2 bad ones I.e. had what is apparently the choppy audio problem as motorola calls it.

    Lots of people have no call quality issues with g2 so it's a mystery the cause. Does happen on other networks too.
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    Default Re: Poor Reception

    Wow, and I just posted with the same issue. It's not locational and I even had Verizon send me one from out of state thinking that maybe the batch at my local store had gotten roughed up in shipping. I'm really bummed about it as I love my G2, otherwise.
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    Default Re: Poor Reception

    I've tried different settings and nothing seems to help. Got till the 10th of Oct to make a choice of get another LG G2 or Galaxy Note 3. Thanks for the replies.
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    I have the same issue. Mine gets "fixed" if I use speakerphone. This is so aggravating on a brand new phone!

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    Every call I've had here in N.Y. have been clear and interference free. Sorry some of you guys had issues.
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    Default Re: Poor Reception

    I have been getting one bar and sometimes I lose all reception for no reason. I'm in the city, so this shouldn't be happening. Not sure what I should do.

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