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    Default Verizon LG G2 - Trouble with Hotmail retrieval

    I have 2 Hotmail accounts set up. Up until 2 days ago, I would get the emails at my pre-set intervals. Since then, I have been getting this message when I try to open my emails : 'Accounts & sync is turned off. Email will have to be synchronized only by manually. If you want to sync email, use Refresh function.'

    When I go to 'Sync, Send & Receive' in my settings, the 'Retrieve Interval' setting is grayed out & I cannot switch from Manual to Auto, like I could do originally.
    I have tried deleting both accounts, powering down & back up, and adding the accounts back. Same issue.
    Any suggestions ?

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    Default Re: Verizon LG G2 - Trouble with Hotmail retrieval

    I have the same issues. Anyone out there with any solutions for this?

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