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    Default Compatible Charging Cable (for fast charge)


    Browsing the forums last week, I found someone that suggested this cable for fast charging the G2:

    (I have since been unable to find that forum/thread, which is why I am posting a new thread). Has anyone else tried it ? The person that posted the link stated it worked fine on his G2, but I have tried
    3 of that same cable, and none will fast charge. I'm using a 4.2A (2.1A x 2) USB wall charger that should provide more than enough current. Does anyone know of a USB cable that will fast charge the G2 (Verizon) for sure ? I had high hopes for the monoprice cable, and am quite disappointed with the outcome.


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    This is really the only thing that bugs me about this phone. But I guess it is better to have a smartphone that lets you know you cannot use just any charger. I use the factory cord and the LG wireless charger I got from Verizon.the wireless charger seems to charge the phone really fast.
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    Default Re: Compatible Charging Cable (for fast charge)

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    Default Re: Compatible Charging Cable (for fast charge)

    If you are looking for fast charging, just purchase a wall charger that supports "2A" a.k.a "2amp". Most android charges released in the second half of 2013 will already be 2A. I hope this helps,
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    The issue you are having is due to the amperage of the charger itself, not the cable. As SuperMarioVT notes, the G2 will charge the best and fastest with a 2 amp charger (whether wall or car model). Many of the older combination car charger or wall jacks only put out 0.5 or 1.0 amp power.

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