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    Default LG G2 won't turn on or charge

    Worked fine earlier today, go to use phone and completely unresponsive. Plug it in, no charge, no lights, nothing.
    Happened once before, charged all night and still didn't work, brought it to the verizon store and before i could exchange it magically started working again.
    what gives?
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    Default Re: LG G2 won't turn on or charge

    Mine just did the same thing last night! Had 37% battery left when I got home at 6pm, plugged it in, charged until it reached 100%, unplugged it. Went back to use it a while later....nothing. Not on, not turning on......so I plugged it back in overnight....still not working.....making a trip to Verizon today!
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    Default Re: LG G2 won't turn on or charge

    Same thing happened to me this morning after charging to 100%. My husband looked it up a and did a soft reset by holding the power button for more than 5 seconds. Thathdid the trick and it has been working fine since.

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    Default Re: LG G2 won't turn on or charge

    LG G2 phone fully charged, will not tap on.
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    Default Re: LG G2 won't turn on or charge

    You are AWESOME! My phone has my life in it, so I definitely needed it to turn on as soon as possible (calender, contacts, etc.) I googled "LGG2 wont turn on" and this forum came up, sure enough I held the power button for more than 5 seconds closer to 8 seconds and IT TURNED ON! Weird how it even happened but thanks for sharing the advice!
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    Default Re: LG G2 won't turn on or charge

    Please have a files backup plan in place. I recommend Verizon's Cloud. Search Playstore for VZ Cloud. Backs up contacts, messages (couple of month's, not all), music, pictures, video, call log, documents. You get your first 5 gigabytes free, but if your have Verizon's More Everything, you get 25GB free!

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    Talking Re: LG G2 won't turn on or charge

    OMFG!!! I looked at this website, and, ALAKASAM. It worked as if nothing happened by holding power button!
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    Default Re: LG G2 won't turn on or charge

    To resolve power and charging issues, follow these steps:

    Plug your Nexus 5 into its original LG power adapter using the charger's original USB cable.
    Ensure the power cord is securely connected to the device and the power adapter. Also, make sure you're using a functioning power outlet.
    Wait for one minute, checking to see if a charging icon appears on the screen.
    Press and hold the Power button for at least 15 seconds to see if the device turns on. You will see the Google logo and feel a slight vibration.
    If this does not work, then press and hold the Power button for up to 60 seconds.

    Cannot turn on or charge: LG G2 | T-Mobile Support
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    Default Re: LG G2 won't turn on or charge

    Ok after hours of figuring out what to do I did this as a last resort and it worked. I removed the screws from the phone and pulled the battery clip from the board ; then I pressed the power button , held it down and with the other hand clipped the battery back in, once the battery vibrated I put the phone on the charger and it turned on showed the lg logo and then showed that the battery was at 0% but was charging. My phone was not rooted it was just sitting on my desk for a week till I got back from vacation. I hope this Helps
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    Smile Re: LG G2 won't turn on or charge

    Hi everyone i hope you all doing good. How i figured out about my LG G3 when suddenly i found it not charging at all
    even i left it on charging all night.
    Follow the steps and you'll be able to bring it back on normal charging.

    1. Keeping the battery inside, press the power button until your screen stops blinking and stops showing 0% with charing logo.
    2. Don't plug the charger unitl you see no blinking screen, it actually drains out the reserve that stops it from
    charging in normal way.
    3. Once you complete the 1 & 2 steps, plug it to your LG charger and it'll start charinging normally.

    Hope it works for LG G2 users as well.

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