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    Default Default sound when placing a call

    This might be a silly question, but I couldn't find an answer and it is bothering me: I just received my g2 and am very happy thus far except for one little thing. When placing a call, the phone makes some default sound as the call begins (~ 3 short notes). Is it possible to disable this sound? It annoys me, lol. Thanks in advance.
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    Default Re: Default sound when placing a call

    I would like this answer too. I have all my sounds turned off and this is the only sound my phone makes. I need to turn it off.

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    Default Re: Default sound when placing a call

    Not sure this is a sound per-sey...but rather what you are hearing is the phone sending the dial tone numbers to the cell towers. Even a home land line phone will do this with a preset number, like speed dial. I think the phone buffers the numbers you select until you reach all ten numbers then it sends them in a rapid compressed style, or they are going in so fast that they sound like 3 beeps. The only way to turn this off would be to turn off the ear piece speaker and then you would not hear the person on the other side???

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