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    Default Usb Charging

    Out of contract on Verizon and looking at the G2. Love the idea of inductive charging since my Razr Maxx is having some usb issues. Can someone clear up the incompatibly issues I have been reading about with the usb charging on this phone? Do you just need a higher amp charger like for tablets? Would a regular micro usb charger work just slower? Hate to start all over buying chargers and cables.
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    Default Re: Usb Charging

    I would have thought the charger that comes with the phone should be fine, unless the incomatibility is in aftermarket chargers, in which case many are hit and miss for proper function.
    I was also under the impression that wireless charging was a little slower than corded.

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    Default Re: Usb Charging

    The charger that comes with the phone provides a very fast charge, like only a few hours to fully charge. Aftermarket chargers may or may not provide a fast charge rate depending on the amps provided and the USB cable configuration. If not, they still charge just much slower.
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    Default Re: Usb Charging

    I have used after market car chargers and regular micro usb chargers with the G2, however, the phone will "Slow Charge" or in one case, my G2 did not let me use a Nomad ChargeCard (credit card sized micro sub charger) at all because it said it may be harmful for my battery.

    When I use the charger that came with the phone, the phone charges very fast and holds a great charge, coming from an ex iPhone 5 user who used a Mophie Battery Case
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    Default Re: Usb Charging

    Search the forum for chargers. Others have listed multiple chargers that give you fast charging and removes the "slow charging". I have found the Blackberry Playback charger is fast. I go from a dead phone to a full charge in just short of 2 hours.

    I've seen up here at least 10 that work. But, not sure about USB charging. I've had TERRIBLE luck w/ that.

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