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    Default LG G2 won't turn on - power button not functional

    So I dropped my phone in water, it was fully submerged for a second or two. At first the screen wouldn't turn back on but the phone was still on, after about a half hour in rice I was able to get the screen to turn back on so I could actually power off the phone. At this point it seemed to be working fine but just to be safe I left it powered off in rice overnight. Fast forward to this morning and I can't get it to turn back on now. If I plug it in the LG logo comes up then the battery showing it's charging (and still holding a charge just fine) but no matter what button combination I try nothing happens...

    Any advice? I have the Best Buy protection plan but there's a $150 deductible and I'll end up with a refurbished phone, I'd rather not lose all the data (pictures, files, etc) on the phone...
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    Default Re: LG G2 won't turn on - power button not functional

    Keep it in rice a few more days. Unfortunately the phone is probably fried (water on electrical surfaces) but hopefully you'll be able to get your data off.

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    Default Re: LG G2 won't turn on - power button not functional

    Wow, I'm surprised with the Best Buy protection plan that it's still $150 for the deductible was that a one time fee for that protection plan or a monthly fee?

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    Default Re: LG G2 won't turn on - power button not functional

    I noticed that any time the phone is powered off and placed on a wireless charger, it will power itself on! I don't know if that's the case for all qi enabled phones, but could be worth a shot for anyone whose power button experiences failure.

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