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    Default Best Android Phone Recover App - Want to protect my Note 3

    I have used Wavesecure in the past and I have seekdroid now. I don't mind paying for an app, and the more important it is the more I am willing to pay. I would prefer to pay for the app once and not sign up for a monthly payment. I am looking for an app that allows me to find it if it is lost or stolen. Some I have seen allow me to remote control it from another phone or log into a web site to perform security functions. Anyone have any idea what the better apps are for this? I know the value of keeping the threads clean and although I will use this app to protect my Note 3, is there a place on this forum I am not finding to discuss android apps? If not here another forum that specifically reviews and discusses Android apps?

    Functions of the security app that I would like are:

    The ability to lock the phone, wipe the phone, wipe the sd card. The ability to download before wiping would be nice too but maybe I can set it up to dump to the cloud occasionally anyway.
    The ability to track the phone's location, view the texts sent and calls made. This is nice if someone steals it you have something to go by.

    Record photo's, video, audio, to a remote location for reviewing later like a web site or send it to one of your cloud drives.

    Do all these things despite someone changing out the sim card and using it on another line.

    Any other features I should look for? I have used seek droid a little and it had most of what I wanted, but after the trial they wanted $5 per month to use the most important features like
    see it's location.
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    Default Re: Best Android Phone Recover App - Want to protect my Note 3

    There is a built in Android service called "Android Device Manager" tied in with Google Play that does most of what you want. You access the map to location your phone through the play store site on your PC

    I also use Lookout, which is free. It backs up your data, and have a site you can log in to:

    - Locate and track your phone
    - Lock your phone
    - Sound an alarm
    - Wipe it remotely if you want.

    Lookout does have premium features that you can pay for, but I'm good with the free services.

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    Default Re: Best Android Phone Recover App - Want to protect my Note 3

    Lookout can also send camera pictures of users that put in wrong codes and try to access your device.

    Personally I use another app called "GotYa" that works great for that because it sends the map location of where the attempt was made, which is pretty cool.

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    Default Re: Best Android Phone Recover App - Want to protect my Note 3

    Google's entry will probably be fine.

    Android Lost, phenomenal app. Free. (Disclaimer: I have not used it on the Note 3.)

    Tasker can propbably be set up to do all this too, but in addition to paying for it, you have the cost of learning how to use it, and programming it. But a lot of the tasks needed may already be available on the wiki page.

    Good luck.
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    Default Re: Best Android Phone Recover App - Want to protect my Note 3

    I've used Cerberus for a long time.

    It does the normal things plus it can take pictures from either camera, take videos from either camera and record sound. If you try to unlock incorrectly it will email you a picture.
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