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    Default Samsung Earbuds Ear Shock?

    I have noticed the last two pairs I've had and even when i had the iphone 5 and had the earpods they always shocked my ear. However with this pair it is always my right ear. It's so ******* annoying and i want it to stop!!!
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    Default Re: Samsung Earbuds Ear Shock?

    The verizon phone didn't come with ear buds, and I am sure most people have some aftermarket set.

    I personally have never been shocked by a set, no matter how long I might have had them, or much I used them. Everything from older Androids, to Apple, and Blackberry. I now only use nicer higher quality buds, and would be surprised to have it happen with them.
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    Default Re: Samsung Earbuds Ear Shock?

    Never heard of that issue, I am now using the lg Bluetooth ear buds. They work great and don't hurt my ear like the Bluetooth earpieces do.

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    Default Re: Samsung Earbuds Ear Shock?

    I have that depending on what I am wearing. In my case it is static electricity.

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