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    Default Bluetooth auto play when getting in my car. Help!

    I have my N3 connected to my 2009 Ford Edge via bluetooth. It connects quickly every time. The phone has 911 assist almost immediately.

    The same can be said for media. Bluetooth connection to enable media playback always connects.

    I have two bluetooth media related issues that revolve around autostart of media player when I get in the car...

    1. Default app to play media. No matter what I'm playing when I leave the car (it could be BeyondPod, Pandora, Play Music, etc.) the app that starts automatically playing when I get back into the car is ALWAYS BeyondPod, my podcast player. For some reason it has become the pseudo default media app when connected via bluetooth. If I was playing Pandora I know that when I get back in the car I'll have to go into my phone, stop BeyondPod and then to into Pandora and hit play. I would very much like it if there was a way, or a setting, that tells the autoplay feature to use the app that was playing when I left the car. I don't want a default player, just the player that was being used when I left the car.

    2. When I get in the car sometimes it will start playing and sometimes it won't start playing. It connects properly, it just doesn't play anything. I can be away from my car for a week for vacation and the next time I get back in the car it starts immediately playing where I left off. Other times I can go into the grocery store, come back out 5 minutes later and it doesn't start playing, I have to pull the phone out and press start on whatever media player I'm using. It's not consistent and I can never predict when it will automatically start playing. I've tried to see a pattern of when it will automatically start but I just can't figure it out. Seems totally random. If I had to guess I'd say that it autostarts about 75% of the time. The other 25% is a mystery.
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    Default Re: Bluetooth auto play when getting in my car. Help!

    It is actually being started by the car radio. My pioneer does it too. The only fix I know of is media grab with Tasker. I don't know if you use Tasker but I made this app with Tasker if you want to try it. I was having trouble uploading apk's on here though so let me know if it works.
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