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    Default Action Memo to Browser stopped working...

    So Verizon issued a software up for the Galaxy Note 3 over the weekend (12/14/2013). After updating my phone, I noticed that the Action Memo app is no longer working properly. When I write a note and click the browser link to search the web for what I wrote, I get a message that says "Unfortunately, Action Memo has stopped." All the other Action Memo features, like sending the note to contacts, email, task, etc. is working fine but the browser link won't work. It's driving me crazy and I'm trying so hard not to have to do a factory reset as it is very cumbersome to try and get the phone settings back to the way I have it. One thing I also noticed (not sure if it's related or not), when I click on "Settings", scroll down to Accounts, click on "Samsung account", then click on "Storage usage", then click on "Memo, S Memo, S Note (.snb)", I get a message that says "Unable to open file. There is no application to open it with." Why would it say no app to open with when Action Memo is installed and should open?

    Any assistance in this would be appreciated. Thanks.
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    Default Re: Action Memo to Browser stopped working...

    I was going to say go to settings and clear cache but apparently that's not possible. Maybe try to go into settings and disable the app then reenable? Not sure why or if this would do a thing but trying to avoid a factory reset.

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