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    Default specific Note vs Nexus questions

    Sorry if this was answered before, but I searched.

    I want the big screen, and will get one soon. I may wait till Moto phablet rumours get resolved, but I bought my wife a Note 3 and despite the bloatware it seems really nice. We have Nexus 4s now, and I love the phone, just want a big screen, and the Note seems not that much bigger a phone for the massive usable size of screen difference.

    -can the Google Now function be just as good in the Note? Is there any difference at all? I dont mind an extra click or 2 to launch it as long as it is the same quality of voice recognition and features.
    -I dont know if the Note uses S Voice once I get to the screen where you say "OK Google", or if it is Google voice recognition (which is excellent on my Nexus, I never type). Is S voice recognition just as good? Can I make google voice recognition my default? Or am I worried about something that is just as good either way? Voice recognition is a major concern for me.
    -Ignoring any issues about the S Pen, cost or size of phone (the Note is fine in hand or pocket), is there any real life, usable feature or performance issue that the Note has that the Nexus does better? Pam's seems plenty fast, and I could learn the UI or get a new one as needed.

    Please feel free to bring up things I wouldnt know to ask also. I know this is the Note forum, so try to be as hard on your beloved device as you can about the issues I asked.

    Truly, at this stage I would have to be talked out of getting the Note 3, as it just seems what I want (unless Moto makes a "Moto X-like phablet").

    I hear rumours of both a high end Moto phone and a 6.3" Moto phablet, but they may be the same phone (or not as they are just vaporware right now).

    Thanks in advance.
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    Default Re: specific Note vs Nexus questions

    This post was amusing to me because I came from a Nexus 4 with kit kat, the only difference between Google Now on the N4 nd the N3 are a few extra clicks.
    I don't use S voice even though I keep trying to convince myself it isn't inferior to Google Now. I haven't had any issues with the S pen or the size of the phone. The only feature I really miss from my nexus is the ability to find nearby places using the Dialer app but, I don't miss it that much. I say make the jump I did and I don't regret it one bit.

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