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    Default Iphone 4 to note 3 thoughts

    I switched to the note 3 over 2 weeks ago I have to tell you I played at Verizon store with a lot of phones including the latest iPhone 5s but found I kept coming back to the note 3 why? well old eyes fat fingers and the note 3's huge screen was impressive to say the least!

    now first time I experienced a android phone was sis in-laws droid x and to me was way to much work and things hidden all over but either it is samsung's version of android os or android itself has massaged the os to current level but I have to say I found navigating way easier than it used to be i was able to start finding things that I needed to it was responsive the lag times of years ago are pretty much gone.

    now 2 issues have popped up the first one I resolved myself tried the Verizon salesperson no help big surprise right! seemed in a hospital with all sorts of wi-fi medical equipment I was able to send text only 4g lte went to 3g then coma the 1x then DOA all other cell phone users had 3-4 bars of signal! so went into settings found a reset back to factory reset data and poof things were better haven't a clue what that did now mind you in hospital only 1 bar of signal yet now could do anything I cared to make a call email surf web yet verizon person said oh no don't do that why????
    the other issue is gmail and trash delete creatures big and small I delete it from inbox go to trash hit menu in lower left all kinds of can do there except for the empty trash feature it takes clicking on that to open and close anywhere from 2-4 times for it to show up I have tried looking in settings for gmail to see if a box needs checked unchecked but I find nothing.
    I did find if I log into chrome I get the desktop version of gmail and poof all is well now how hard is it to make the mobile app do same?? other than those 2 issues my experience going from IPhone 4 to note 3 has been easy I love the create your own ringtones feature being a Lionel train buff I recorded whistle sounds using the recorded feature on note 3 I'm like a kid in a candy store cheeks full seeking more as I said I like my apple computer..... I Love my note 3!
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    Default Re: Iphone 4 to note 3 thoughts

    Congrats on your transition. Hospitals can be uniquely difficult on cell phones. They are usually multi-layered in terms of building (one built in 1910, an add on in 1945, another in 1960, another in... you get the picture). They often add repeaters for wireless signals, but also tread very lightly around complex equipment, choosing to be safe rather than take any chance. I find often that moving just a couple feet can change my signal a lot.

    Others users could be on different providers.

    If you're deep in, you are probably out of luck. Hopefully you're not going to be there much.

    I use gmail as little as I can, so I can't be of much help there.

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    Default Re: Iphone 4 to note 3 thoughts

    The Macs.... is there a way to sync contacts from apple to note 3 so if something goes poof I can re sync my contacts again. that is only reason I used gmail.

    next question can I remove gmail totally and be permanently signed off from google and after that will it affect google maps and google play. I really do not like being signed in all the time.

    was only in hospital for 2 days as wife had minor surgery so stay wasn't long. so far I have to admit the switch to android wasn't hard.

    a rethink after using same iPhone for almost 3 years you get spoiled on the where to go and how to do's I think the hardest was instead of showing a word saying attach and so on learning what symbols meant.

    the one that stands out is the symbol for sharing no way I would have guessed that symbol meant to select how I wanted to share a picture or whatever!

    thanks for the response
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    Default Re: Iphone 4 to note 3 thoughts

    I personally love having my contacts in Gmail. From the contracts view use the bottom left button. It will give you the option to select contacts. From there you can turn off Google and just stay with the phone.

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