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    Unhappy Help with blocking spam messages

    Good day all and Happy Holidays,

    I have an issue I could use some help on. How do I block spam messages on my Samsung Note 3? I found this fix on the internet HOWEVER my note 3 does not have the option for "Add to spam numbers" as the instructions below show. My build is MJE? what gives????

    Blocking Messages or Spam from a Number via a Received Messages:

    While on the home screen, tap "Messaging"
    Tap and hold the conversation thread from the number that you wish to block
    Tap "Add to spam numbers" and tap "OK"

    Blocking Messages or Spam from a Number via the Settings Menu:

    While on the home screen, tap "Messaging"
    Press the "Menu" button
    Tap "Settings"
    If necessary, mark the "Spam settings" check box
    Tap "Add to spam numbers"
    Press the "+" icon to add a number
    Type the number or tap the "Contacts" icon and select the number from the contacts list
    Once finished, tap "Save"
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    Default Re: Help with blocking spam messages

    EDIT: Found it!

    Go to your call log, hit menu key>view>all calls and messages or messages. From there you can long press on the number/text and choose add to reject list!!!
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