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    Default Calendar Synch with Outloook (Connect 365)

    When I add an appointment to my phone using Outlook -- it synchs with my computer (Mac). Shows on my phone as "Detail View" and I can make changes on the phone to the appointment and on Outlook on my computer. BUT if I enter a Appointment on Outlook on my Mac--it shows up on my phone as an Invitation and I can't change anything about it from my phone.

    Any ideas?
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    Default Re: Calendar Synch with Outloook (Connect 365)

    This problem was a tough one for me but I finally won out. Solution, bottom line, kicked outlook to the curb and use only Gmail, ALL problems disappeared.
    It's not easy getting rid of old habits…….
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    Default Re: Calendar Synch with Outloook (Connect 365)

    But my work requires I use Outlook. Not on my phone, but my phone system has to sync. I imagine Google calendar syncs with Outlook?

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