Does anyone have SVTP Hotspot working properly on their stock (non rooted) Galaxy Note 3 on an unlimited data plan? I have a paid version of the app, but I cannot get it to connect reliably (I did try to use the new menu button options without success- but I do not fully understand the process). I emailed the developer several times since I lost use of the app under 4.3 but have not heard back. I downloaded FoxFi, and found that it does work, but setting them up as a VPN makes me a little nervous since it seems they can view what I am accessing through their servers (please correct me if I am wrong).

I am hesitant to buy the full version of FoxFi since I already bought the full version of SVTP and was thinking that SVTP might find a way to get their app working (since FoxFi did). If FoxFi is secure to use I'd buy the full version (which will be useful until 4.4 breaks it again).

I'd appreciate any assistance you can offer.