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    Question How well does Pocket play with the Note 3?

    Hello all. I tried searching for this but nothing came up. I switched over to a Note 3 from the Razr Maxx where Pocket was next to unusable.The issue with the Maxx was a storage issue when the Maxx updated to 4.0 that kept android.process.media running after a restart of the device. My question is, has anyone had any issues with Pocket not playing nicely with the Note 3? I really liked Pocket and would like to use it again, but I'm a little hesitant to pull the trigger.
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    Default Re: How well does Pocket play with the Note 3?

    I am using it and don't have any big issues. The only problem I have encountered is if I quickly pocket 2 links the pop-up menu on the bottom of the screen dies not go away. I FC pocket to make it go away.

    I recommend installing it and trying out out for a couple days.

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    Default Re: How well does Pocket play with the Note 3?

    No problems here either. Works pretty much without issue.
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    Default Re: How well does Pocket play with the Note 3?

    Pocket was ok...but I tried One Note...loving it since I use Exchange and Office 365 also.
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