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    Default Bluetooth problems

    First - this was the case in 4.3 and still is on 4.4 (did the Keis update two days ago).

    Car - Kia Soul.
    Headphones - Jaybird x
    During times without contention, these both work great. Car does calls just fine. Headphone play music, etc. Love them

    Here is the problem:
    I leave work with my headphones in listening to something, a podcast or music.
    I get in my car and start it
    In about 15 seconds, I love audio to my headphones.
    However, the car is not showing that it is connected via bluetooth and in fact it really is not - a call will not go over car speakers. The headphones do not immediately give me a disconnect sound. the phone shows the headphones as connected. But no sound to them at all. If I turn off BT on my phone while car is running (all in a parking lot here - being safe) wait a bit and turn it back on the headphones will re-connect and I will be good. For maybe 5 minutes. Then same thing. Only then the phone shows both car and headphones being connected, but neither of them think they are.

    This is maddening. I have a short commute home (15 minutes maybe) and since my car does not do bluetooth audio, I cannot easily continue listening to my podcast. I would have to connect the headphone jack into the aux. Not worth it for 15 minutes. I would just like to listen to my headphones in one ear while driving home and then continue listening at home for a bit.

    I have installed and tried to use the app "bluetooth auto connect" and have placed the headphones above the car in priority. No difference.

    Any suggestions?

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