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    Default Verizon Store Experience: Display Mounts

    I just was at a Verizon store in Union City, CA, just a couple minutes after it opened this morning. The salesman put me in the queue to be helped; said it would be 30-40 minutes. There were about 6 or 7 customers in the store. I was a bit surprised that it would take that long, and really surprised that no one but me was looking at the S4 demo unit. I was going to wait, but then I attempted to play with the S4 demo unit. The frustrating part is they no longer have their display phones connected to a retractable tether. The display mounts look exactly the same as they always have, however, you can't lift up the phone. There is no longer a retractable cord. I wanted to see what the phone felt like in my hand, but it was impossible to do so since you can't hold it in your hand. I asked the salesman if the display mounts were new; he said they just installed those last week. I can't decide between the S4 and the Note 2, but it's hard to make a valid comparison when you can't hold it in your hand! Since I've put up with a cracked screen (Galaxy Nexus) for a year, I figured I could wait a little longer, and walked out of the store.

    Do all the Verizon stores now have these ridiculous mounts so you can't hold the phone it your hand?
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    Default Re: Verizon Store Experience: Display Mounts

    I went to a store here in Orlando , FL and they had retractable tethers there. Not sure why they switched to non tethered there?!?!
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    Default Re: Verizon Store Experience: Display Mounts

    The stores around me have the retractable mounts. Maybe they had issues and that was the reason they installed those new crappier mounts?
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    Default Re: Verizon Store Experience: Display Mounts

    My store in Altamonte Springs FL had a retractable mount too. Only annoying thing is the white one that window case on it and I had to request they bring out a phone so I could see what the white one looked like naked. Lady acted like I was crazy (but I'm paying for the damn phone not that crappy case so who cares LOL). I picked the white one! Was surprised the black one had a big scratch on the back (they just put the displays out today!) and it looked like they damaged it by putting the retractable thing on it.
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    Default Re: Verizon Store Experience: Display Mounts

    Same here in Connecticut. Most stores I have been in lately have the retractable corded mounts.
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