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    Default "No more room on this screen"???

    Anytime I download an app or try to create a shortcut to a website, it tells me there's no more room on the screen.... But there is!! And with downloads, it goes ahead and puts the icon on the screen, but not with shortcuts. What's up??

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    Default Re: "No more room on this screen"???

    I have seen this same thing and have no idea what the problem is.
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    are you running the stock touchwiz? im running nova launcher dont run into this.
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    There is only limited room on the main screen... touchwiz only has 4x4, and if you are using the stock clock and weather widget that takes up the half the screen (4x2). Play store has a setting that will "auto-add widgets" to your Home screen for new apps... if you want to change this start Play Store > Menu > Settings > unselect "Auto-add widgets" selection. Then you can add them to different screens.
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    I'm running Nova, and am still running into this problem. Not a huge deal for me but kind of annoying.
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    Default Re: "No more room on this screen"???

    I had this happen to me yesterday. What I have found is the apps I was downloading were automatically being added to the free space that I had available on my home screen. Once it was full, the message appeared. I added additional pages and the message stopped and the apps were automatically placed there.
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    I'm running nova, I have 7 home screens and none of them are full. The app thing at least still works, even though it gives me the message. But I like to have shortcuts to websites for my bills and it's not allowing them at all

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    Psst... addicted2tech, BMF79, and 07kngrnch; Fatboy97 has the correct answer to address the message.

    The reason for the message in question is because the account on the Play_Store (where you get your apps form Google Store/Play) has a "Default Setting" to putting items you download straight to your Home Page and now where else... Vuala... Got it.

    Regardless of any launcher you pick you should INEVITABLY use up the home screen space (logically that makes sense). So just UNCHECK the auto-add... to home box in the settings. Again, here's how you get to it... btw did I not mention Fatboy97 got it right

    Play Store > Go to the home page on Play Store
    Menu > from your phone tap the menu button (hint: left bottom corner which highlights after you touch)
    Settings > Select the Settings in the popup menu.
    "De-select" Auto-add widgets >" disable the direct download to home only page on your phone...
    Exit > exit the settings menu and now any app you load will use the page you are on from where you evoked the play store.... happy downloading
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