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How does one get the proper APN? I am in France and my French SIM card works fine for voice and sms and also for using a WIFI but cannot access the mobile data system of the French system. And the technicians at the French company seemed stymied. Any help appreciated. Thanks.
A little late to help this poster, but for the record:

A couple years back I got a French SIM card in another smartphone. After going to several Orange stores, I found one where the tech knew how to set some VPN settings to get data.

And on the original question - I got a T-Mobile SIM card off their 800 number (usually $10 but the other day they were $1 on promo, including shipping), activated it online on a daily prepaid plan, and installed it in my Verizon S4. Voice worked immediately. Once I had set up an APN I had data as well. No problems.