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    Default Intermittent SMS sending failure


    I'm on Verizon and spend the majority of my time in the downtown Philadelphia area. My SMS randomly fails to send messages. Verizon blamed it on the "block premium messaging" option I had enabled on my line. I've disabled this option and am still having the issue. Sometimes the message will send after 2 or 3 retries, sometimes I have to cycle airplane mode to get the messages to send. I didn't have this problem with my Galaxy Nexus and there's 3 other devices on my account that don't have this issue...

    Is anyone else having problems sending text messages at times? If so, have you come up with a solution?

    I'm trying not to return this phone because I love it otherwise, but this issue is becoming too much as SMS is one of my primary means of communication.
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    Default Re: Intermittent SMS sending failure

    double answer for a double post

    verizon has an known issue its not your phone. as with all companies they can be such deniers
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    Default Re: Intermittent SMS sending failure

    I had the phone 3 days then started having problems where it would not send any text. It would just hang or say failure. Verizon tech support did a few things that didnt work. Next day advance tech person called me and said my old bionic was still accessing VZ network thru the wifi. I turned it off and still. What did it was resetting the phone and now all is back to normal . So if this is you, kill old phone and reset the S4 and you should be good. Let me know and good luck.
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