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    Default Problem with SMS Galaxy S4 with International SIM Card


    I am using my Galaxy S4 while living in Costa Rica and recently replaced my Verizon SIM with one from a local carrier. The transition was seamless and I'm able to access voice and data with no problems. However, sending text messages is proving to be extremely frustrating because each time I receive a message from a local number (regardless of whether or not I have this number saved in my phone) it always comes in with the country code first (+506 for CR). When I try to reply to those messages I receive a "Failed" sign immediately after sending.

    I can only successfully send texts if I open a new message box and type in the contact name or number so it appears without the +506 country code. Again, all of the contacts in my phone don't even have the +506 included in their contact info. So the issue is, my phone is automatically including the country code in received messages even though I'm on the local network. I guess it's much like it used to be when you couldn't dial your neighbor's house with the area code included, it had to be just the last 7 numbers.

    I spoke to Verizon and the woman who helped me could not think of any solution other than to set my Current Country to Costa Rica (which it already was), and to turn Assisted Dialing off (it was previously turned on). This did not fix the issue. The only thing she thought could be causing it was that a 3rd party app (I have Google Voice/Talkatone), or something like Facebook, was running in the background and causing this to happen.

    Has this happened to anyone else? I would greatly appreciate any information you could provide, as it is getting very annoying having to take several extra steps just to send a text! Thanks in advance!

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    Default Re: Problem with SMS Galaxy S4 with International SIM Card

    My wife is in Germany right now and replaced a U.S. T-Mobile SIM with a card from a local German carrier.
    She just reported the problem to me last night. This happened during her last trip as well. I have yet to figure out a solution for this.
    The last time I think we narrowed it down to the issue that the '+' sign before the country code is not recognized by the local carrier as a generic stand-in for the otherwise always different country code prefix (e.g. European countries typically use '00' as a prefix vs the US uses '011').
    One idea I want to try out later with her is to modify the actual contact's phone numbers to include the proper country code prefix.
    I'll update this thread with my findings.
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    Default Re: Problem with SMS Galaxy S4 with International SIM Card

    same here, a friend of mine from texas, us bought a samsung galaxy s4 verizon and send to me here in philippines. he said its unlocked one like what the guy told from verizon told him, when I started using it and insert a local simcard here which is Globe telecom, I chosed gsm network and very happy that it recognized the sim and I tried to call my friends and it works smoothly but the frustrating side is I cant reply to them. I wonder why, I tried to send without country code (+63 here) it works twice but everytime I closed the sms app and open it again to send a new message to the same number (message thread) it fails again. its kinda frustrating hope someone can figure it out. thanks because I thought I was the only one who having problem about it, im still searching I'll be happy to share some ideas if ever.
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    Default Re: Problem with SMS Galaxy S4 with International SIM Card

    I believe I have found a solution to this problem.

    I had a similar issue. I work in Azerbaijan, but keep my US Verizon Samsung Note 3 and swap SIM cards when I travel. I too was having the issue of not having my outbound text messages received, unless I removed the country code and prefix. However, as this is how my contacts were stored and how the inbound call-ID labelled them, this was very frustrating and time-consuming.

    In the end, the solution is to utilize the Assisted dialing feature, with some modifications (phone dialer>settings button>call settings>assisted dialing [tap to edit]). When I chose the country for the assisted dialing, it correctly selected my country code as 994. However, in order to make my texts work I had to manually add in the "+" sign. now the phone recognizes the "+994" that is in all of the contacts and inbound phone numbers. texts now seem to works as they should. Also, be sure to turn the assisted dialing on.

    Hope this helps all of the other travelers out there.

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    Default Re: Problem with SMS Galaxy S4 with International SIM Card

    Last guy is a genius. Vodafone nor a Verizon. Nor samsung was able to help me but the manually adding the + works. Just go to phone - menu - settings - assisted dial- choose the country your in and the country code will populate then manually add a plus sign. Works beautifully . Thanks !
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    Default Re: Problem with SMS Galaxy S4 with International SIM Card

    Thankssss A lot...........................................
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    Default Re: Problem with SMS Galaxy S4 with International SIM Card

    Hi - I have the same problem and it sounds like the Assisted Dialing thing could be a solution for me, but can you please explain exactly WHICH of the manual settings to adjust, and to what? Specifically,
    Country Code (I live in Papua New Guinea so our CC is 675; I assume I just write this)
    IDD prefix (we use either 00 or +; does it matter which one I write?)
    NDD (we don't use any local prefix like 0 - do I just leave it blank?)
    City/area code (we don't use any - do I just leave it blank?)
    National number length (it's 8 so I assume I write this)


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