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    Default No Text Wrap/Reflow????

    My HTC DNA does this beautifully on all web pages visited. Even if I resize the text to ridiculous proportions it fits it perfectly into the screen without any overshoot to the left or the right. I thought this was a stock android feature that was common to all android devices. i was absolutely shocked to see that the GS4 and Note 3 and 3 do not do this. I was helping a friend shop for a new phone when I discovered this. I use this feature literally every five minutes when I'm reading web pages on my phone. I knew the iPhones didn't do it (a total deal breaker) but I was AMAZED that there were android devices out there that didn't include this invaluable feature.

    They include dozens of only marginally (at best) interesting/relevant features but don't design text wrap/reflow into their stock browser???

    It's like they designed a Ferarri with tires off a Yugo.

    Am I missing something here or is Samsung light years behind the curve?
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    Default Re: No Text Wrap/Reflow????

    There are plenty of other browsers available for Android, so you might want to try some of those and see if they work better for you. I'm afraid I don't know which are good at handling text wrap.

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