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    Default Cyanogenmod on Verizon S4

    Does anybody have cyanogenmod running on S4 SCH-I545 4.3---MK2

    If so how was it done
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    Default Re: cyanogenmod on S4

    Quote Originally Posted by john6969 View Post
    Does anybody have cyanogenmod running on S4 SCH-I545 4.3---MK2

    If so how was it done
    You might find some information here on it if you have not looked already. I ran CM on an S3 some time back before I bought my S4.

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    Default Re: cyanogenmod on S4

    I think after MK2 boot loader is locked down more securely which prevents installing any AOKP based ROM. Only option I know so far is to install MK2 based ROM using Safestrap.

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    Default Re: cyanogenmod on S4

    No CM for Galaxy S4 unless you have an original with MDK.
    If your phone is running ME7, MI1, MJ7 or MK2; Safestrap Only

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