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    Default Looking to get the Galaxy S4

    Hello all,
    I'm a current HTC Rezound user and its coming up on upgrade time. Being budget conscious I was looking at the deal where my wife and I can get 2 S4s for $99 total. Is the phone good? Any problems I need to know about before I go in? I saw the threads that KitKat isn't on them yet, has it been confirmed that it will get the update eventually or no?

    Lastly, I see a few different extended batteries... I had the extended battery on the Rezound and liked that... but I haven't seen cases for most of the extended batteries. I'm looking for one around 5000 instead of the 7000+ one. My wife has a cracked screen on her Rezound from dropping hers.. I had a soft silicon case on mine and have dropped it multiple times without damaging the phone so I kind of want one of those on the extended battery if possible.
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    Default Re: Looking to get the S4

    There have been some reports of corrupted sd card.

    It will get kk for sure

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    Default Re: Looking to get the S4

    There have been issues with SD cards like dpham mentioned, but it's less common than it appears to be particularly on sites like these.
    The S4 is still a great phone. Only problem is finding a case for the extended battery, but a few vendors also sell a custom made case for the added thickness of the phone, which will also add even more to it

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    Default Re: Looking to get the S4

    I got a Laza case for my s3 extended battery. Love it. Amazon has a decent selection. Finding a case should not be an issue.

    As mentioned, it is getting kit kat. My s3 is even getting it!

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    Default Re: Looking to get the S4

    Thanks all. And that Laza case is exactly what I'm looking for Fuzzy.
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    Default Re: Looking to get the S4

    I came from a Rezound about 2 months ago and couldn't be happier. The S4 is superior in every way and battery life I find to be excellent when compared with the Rezound. I am a pretty heavy user and I get 24 hrs on average with mine....that does include time while I am sleeping. I think you will be very happy....so far I am.
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    Default Re: Looking to get the S4

    From what I hear, if you use a Samsung MicroSD card, you're less likely to deal with the whole corruption issue.
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    Default Re: Looking to get the S4

    My SD card was used in my older phones and in my S4, never had any issues, so I would say the issue is hit and miss. Over all I don't think you will have any problems. Its been a great phone so far, I have not even had to do a hard reset yet.

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