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    Default Don't want KitKat update...yet

    So my S4 is rooted but that's about it. Just recently got the phone working just the way I want it using greenify and a CPU over clock app plus a few other "root necessary" apps and tweeks. Now I hear that KitKat will be coming via ota any time now.
    So I have 2 questions: 1. Will I even see the ota notification since I'm rooted? And 2. If I start seeing the notification how can I stop them from showing up. I know I saw something somewhere about this but can't remember where.
    At the end of the day I'd like to put off accepting the upgrade until I see how it goes for other S4 users and don't want to be harrased by notifications
    Thanks in advance!
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    Default Re: Don't want KitKat update...yet

    get Titanium Backup use it to find and freeze SDM 1.0. Should be good to go.
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    Default Re: Don't want KitKat update...yet

    Thanks! Saw the same thing on a different thread just after posting this one. Good to go now, so thanks again

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