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    Default Verizon upgrade question

    I have a family plan.
    Line 1 unlimited data
    Line 2 unlimited data
    Line 3 2 gig data
    Line 4 2 gig data, upgrade eligible

    I want to use line 4 upgrade, then put phone on line one. I am ordering online. When phone comes in, do I have to activate on line 4 then change to line 1 or can I just activate on line 1?

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    Default Re: Verizon upgrade question

    Activate it on line 4 first. Since you're not transferring an upgrade, it shouldn't matter, but it's not going to hurt you to activate it on 4 first and it mitigates the risk (already low) of losing unlimited on line 1.

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    Default Re: Verizon upgrade question


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