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    Default Used phone problem

    So, I bought a phone used off of craigslist in late May (htc one m8) and activated fine and is still working in the network, but I went to sell it and noticed that the IMEI didn't match the SIM tray. I checked the IMEI of the software and sure enough it came back as stolenesn from Verizon on an esn checker website. Basically, what can I do? The phone is still activated fine under my account, but I'd rather not have stolen goods, if it is indeed stolen. Can Verizon do anything about it or investigate it? Please, don't lecture me one buying used phones, I know the risks and have had lots of success with all kinds of used phones and electronics in the past.
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    Default Re: Used phone problem

    Unfortunately there isn't anything you can do but get a new phone. Changing an IMEI number is illegal.

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    My guess is there is so much theft going on they don't waste time or money investigating. It's a vicious never ending cycle.

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