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    Default thinking about a change with verizon

    so right now i have a blackberry pearl but i want something new since blackberries are becoming more and more stale. i love it im just tired of the same everything.

    so my question.. are there any new phones with verizon that have the droids form factor?
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    the devour has the same form-factor (megan fox's phone in the superbowl commercial), but its a downgrade from the droid in so many ways except for MAYBE the keyboard (haven't actually played with the phone).
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    There are several android handsets rumored to be hitting verizon's shelves in the next coming year. If you aren't satisfied with the droid for any reason, I would say wait. Otherwise there is always the driod eris that is sweet, not to mention the nexus one scheduled for sometime this spring.
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    There is the Moto Droid and the HTC Eris, Rumors have Big Red getting the Nexus 1 in March or early April and the Moto Devour coming in March for sure.

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