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    Default Viewsonic 10" GTablet Tegra2

    I'm pretty interested in this tablet despite its current flaws, as a lurker in this forum, I'm surprised there isn't much talk on this tablet that's available now from sears for $380. I think this is one of the first Tegra2 devices to finally come out. There's several youtube reviews popping up and it seems that Viewsonic's interface is horrible. I'm hoping once the xda devs get around the software and get android market working (properly, it is working it seems) and roots it, we'll have ourselves a decent 10" Tegra 2 tablet.

    Viewsonice GTablet Website

    One of the youtube reviews

    Anyone else looking into getting one of these?
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    I really want this but if I cant get the market or apps and flash to work it may be useless right now for me
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    I have this thing and it is trash. I am going to take mine back in a few days when I get the Archos 101. If I were you I would get the Archos because of these reason:

    Horrible viewing angle
    TapnTap is Crap
    No Flash even though they said it has it
    Wifi has to reconnect after wake up which takes forever and most of the time you get errors

    These are just a few. Just my opinion, oh and by the way I am on my second one because my first one died in a couple of hours.
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    Do realize most Tegra 2 tablets will be crap at the moment as 2.2 was not meant for dual core processors, and many programs aren't written to run on dual core processors. Also, the microSD slot isn't mapped right along with a few other things. There is a huge (over 150 pages) thread on the tablet over at .
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