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    Default Camera: How to fix one blurry lens?

    Hey guys, I've been taking lots of 3d pictures and started uploading them to phereo, and noticed of the cameras takes a fuzzy photo! To see what I mean, here's a picture I took last night:

    If you hit the "parallel" button and look at the right image, it's obviously out of focus. How can I fix this? Is it a software bug, or a hardware bug? I'll go to whatever lengths necessary, I don't mind pulling the phone apart software- or hardware-wise (but I won't be de-soldering or soldering anything)
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    Default Re: Camera: How to fix one blurry lens?

    I know this was a while ago but how did you end up fixing it? Did you find a resolution?

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    Default Re: Camera: How to fix one blurry lens?

    I have noticed this on my phone as well. I bought 3 of them ar different times and all have the same problem. Not sure if it a data saving technique or what. Doesn't seem to always be the case as I have seen instances where the same blurry lens isn't blurry. Go figure.

    I have also noticed problems in the video mode where the 3d seems to shift off of normal for a few frames every so often.

    I wish the stereo camera was a separate app that could be updated or fixed by someone else than HTC. Maybe someone can reverse engineer the hardware/drivers for the cameras but it looks doubful at this point. I am not aware that the camera works in stereo with 3D with cyangenmod either. To make matters worse, 3D popularity seems to be dying again.

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