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    Default Optimus Slider: 181MB Internal Memory?

    I have the Virgin Mobile LG Optimus Slider.

    I often have a problem with my phone giving me the "Low on Space" warning. Is it true that this phone only comes with ~181 MB of Internal memory? According to the settings, I am using 163 MBs and have 18MBs available. I have a 16 MB card with about 13GB free.

    I use "App 2 SD" to manage apps and move the ones that I can to the SD storage.

    Is there anything else I can do? If someone texts me a picture or (god forbid!) a video, my internal memory gets filled up and I need to go and delete threads from the messaging app. What a hassle. Any tips or tricks that don't involve rooting my phone?
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    Default Re: Optimus Slider: 181MB Internal Memory?

    hi i found this [Tutorial] Link2Sd - Using your Sdcard as your Android's internal memory i i'm going to try it on my slider

    i did the tutorial and it some what worked, but not really what i was looking for or trying to do
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    Default Re: Optimus Slider: 181MB Internal Memory?

    Anyone had any luck with this?
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    Default Re: Optimus Slider: 181MB Internal Memory?

    You still have to have the room in your internal memory to install an app, then you can move it to the 2nd partition you created.

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