Ok, so like a month ago, I dropped my phone and the LCD screen cracked; so I ordered a new LCD to replace it. It came in the mail a couple days later, and I installed it, turned on the phone; but the display was kind of offset. I took out the screen, put my old one back in, turned on the phone again, and the old one worked fine (aside from the top half of the screen being black from dropping it; but at least it still displayed stuff on the lower half of the screen). So then I put the "new" one back in, turned it on, and after that it didn't work at all. The back light lit up, but nothing was being displayed on the screen. I thought it was defective, so I simply sent it back for a replacement.

Well after I got the replacement screen of the replacement screen, I installed it carefully, made sure everything was connected correctly and all that, turned the phone on, and this screen did the same thing: the back light lit up; but nothing was being displayed. I'm pretty sure I put it in correctly; but then again, I could be wrong. Does anyone know if it's just another defective screen? Or if there's anything else I can and/or need to do to get it to actually display stuff? Or should I just send the screen back for a refund?

Any help is much appreciated. Thanks