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    Default Goodbye ...

    Okay well I took advantage of black Friday and went out to target to buy a Kyocera Rise for $30. And it really do like it. I'm going to miss you guys and i love you guys. Y'all are amazing. I'd like to give a really special thanks to LeslieAnne, ThatGuyLurkin, JerryScript, MRG666, TDM, blarf, tvall, sellers86, and everyone else who ever helped me and/or the OV community. You guys rock and deserve the best. I'll still be developing for the OV every once in a while and I'll be posting a ROM for the Optimus M real soon too.
    Once the Kyocera Rise developments starts to roll, I'll be there too.

    Thank you guys SO MUCH. I can't even explain how thankful I am. And if you're wondering how the Rise is and if you want to get it

    " I tested youtube and its ok. I mean we have 3G so the videos stop. Pandora works AMAZINGLY .multitasking is pretty good. Very snappy. I played zombie frontier, wreck it ralph, and temple. Only lagged once on temple run. The others were fine.

    The speaker is REALLY LOUD. So while streaming music and surfing the web, it was really nice.

    In terms of the keyboard & ergonomics. Well its pretty holdable. Sometimes when I'm typing with the physical keyboard I accidentally hit the volume rocker which is right under the keyboard. And the qwertyuiop/top row on the keyboard is a little too close to the edge for my taste and the space bar is a little small so its something you have to get used to in the beginning. They added a new "menu" button to the original 3 buttons that come with ics which is pretty handy but i'd rather it be on the left side like it was on the OV instead of the right side."

    Only real big downgrade is the camera. Its crap but overall its a good upgrade and it has ICS goodness.
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    Default Re: Goodbye ...

    Bye Chicken, hope you stick around here and there. Enjoy moving on. Cole is doing some deving on his own with that phone I believe.

    These phones... I want them all

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    Default Re: Goodbye ...

    Enjoy your new rise! See you around.
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    Default Re: Goodbye ...

    Man I was so close to getting a rise for my girlfriend and I but after finding out that rise doesn't have it's own thread on AC I passed. Do you guys have root or recovery yet? It's a snapdragon chip in that bad boy isn't it?

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    Default Re: Goodbye ...

    Root yes, recovery no. Locked down hard by Kyocera.

    Kyocera Rise - Android Forums at AndroidCentral.com

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