Sorry to start a new thread just to say my goodbyes, but nonetheless you guys have been a great community over the last two years.
I have been here since, virtually, the very beginning of development of our wonderful device... lurking in the shadows. I want to thank all
the great devs that have come and gone over time, y'all made my little OV one of the best phones I have ever owned. If anyone was
wondering, I recently upgrade to the Samsung Galaxy S2 4G, still with Virgin Mobile. If you have 300 bucks to blow, I highly suggest it.
Everyone keep up the great work, I'll check in every once in a while to check on development and how the community is doing.

A word of advice to any noobs who nay find themselves reading this, before starting a new thread or a thread in each of the sub-forums
for this device, PLEASE use the search box! Also before posting in the thread, check to see when the last post was made, if over three
months, refrain from replying. Most people tend to dislike the bumping of threads.

I hope everyone who is left will continue to enjoy their Optimus V's and I also hope development picks up again for you guys. Hey, I may
start building for y'all, I do have two OV's. (summer project)

Thanks again everyone for making this a very pleasurable experience, much love.