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    Default Phone Storage Problem

    So on my Optimus V in the notification bar it says I have "Low Storage Space" and it's starting to affect my phone. I'll try to open an app and it'll force close or say that there's not enough memory for this program to run and that I might want to try and remove some apps. The problem with that is there's only one app that I know of that's being stored in the internal storage, I moved all the other apps to the sd through apps2sd. I have an application called ZDBox that monitors space and things like that and yesterday it tells me that I have 0% free space available and it hasn't changed since. My phone has done this before, but ZDBox would tell me that I only had about 5-7% and eventually the warning would go away and my free space would go back up to about 10-17%. I'm not sure what I could delete or move to fix this but if someone could help me I would be very grateful as this is a real pain to deal with.

    P.S. My phone is rooted
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    Default Re: Phone Storage Problem

    I have the ZenGarden recovery and the MiRaGe ROM.
    I have downloaded, installed, and properly setup Link2SD.
    I have over 100 installed apps. No space warnings ever since this.

    I have more control over all apps, even the pre-installed apps, than ROMs with the ext scripts installed.
    If your interested, let me know and I will link you to all info (including the best tutorial on how to set it up).
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    Default Re: Phone Storage Problem

    Hi there AndyOpie150! Happy Holidays!

    I love the vm670.
    I too have space issue.
    16 gb card
    2gb primary ext3
    14 gb fat32 storage

    I had a lot of apps ... but eventually would get full / oospace messages...even though
    all progs were linked with link2sd. (all 3 options checked ..and set to auto)
    additionally I'd get invalid package errors...

    any clue here?

    Thanks in advance.
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    Default Re: Phone Storage Problem

    Which ROM? How many apps? Link2SD still stores some info in the data folder. If you have a lot of apps this can fill up the internal storage.
    When is the last time you deleted your tombstones.
    I like to use SD Maid Pro. It can clean everything. App caches, system, and SD card.

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