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    Default Anyone have luck activating on Assurance Wireless? or know of any hacks to do so?

    I recently qualified for assurance wireless and received a free phone. they allow swapping handsets of virgin mobile phones (since they're a subsidiary of them) but only very limited selection of them (probably for support reasons). anyone know of any way to activate my optimus V on it? any kind of hacks or something? I thought I saw someone with luck doing so awhile ago but I can't find it now. Website refuses to accept the MEID number, and phone support couldn't swap it either.

    Edit: or maybe if I change the MEID to a supported device would that work?
    Edit2: Sorry if discussing MEID is breaking rules, but I've hit a dead end here anyways. Seems these phones are locked down too much to swap MEID and assurance customer service refuses to let us use smartphones, only dumb phones.

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