I have had my galaxy s4 for about a month now and while I don't really use smart screen features that often, one that would be useful is the smart pause as it works with youtube app I believe.
However this feature has never worked on my phone since I got it and I can't figure out why. Every other smart screen feature such as scroll and stay work just fine but pause doesn't want to work in any app I try. I've obviously tried the default video app, gallery and youtube but none work I've even tried using it in the help app too where you can try out features but again it doesn't work.

I have obviously turned it on and I've checked I haven't overlooked something obvious and I'm around 80% certain it's not the lighting as all other smart screen features work properly. I have done multiple restores due to the fact I have rooted my phone and took me a while to get the hang of it :/ But nothing I do gets it to work. Anyone got any ideas? I also tried it without being rooted but still nothing so it's not the root either.