Default android screen full of app icons is too much to handle sometimes. Even if you place apps in categorized folders, you spend 3-4 (or more) seconds in locating that folder on screen when you need it. For a better screen management, check this out.

  • 5 screens. Each screen dedicated to one category of apps. Favorites, Communication, Social, Media, Tools.
  • Each screen holds 4 app cards. 20 cards to choose from. Browser, Camera, Chat, Facebook, Files, Gallery, Instagram, Mails, Maps, Music, News, Phone, Settings, Store, Tasks, Text, Twitter, Voice, Weather, Youtube.
  • 1 special screen to hold your other widgets.
  • Jump from any screen to any other screen easily by tapping the category buttons at the left of each screen.
  • No special wallpapers needed. Any white wallpaper will do.

Click on the images for super-high resolution image.