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    Thumbs up [LWP] Merry Christmas Sweet Home Best Live Wallpaper

    Hi I want to introduce you one of my first live wallpapers.

    [LWP] Merry Christmas Sweet Home Best Live Wallpaper-destacado-christmas.png
    Lite Version:

    Pro Version:

    The options of this wallpapers are:
    - Slide between home screens, you can choose between 3 or 5.
    - Animated camera (the camera move through the scene)
    - Turn on or off the bonfire.
    (Pro version)
    - Change wall and couch color
    - Change floor and fireplace texture
    - Choose camera filter (Sephia tone, or gray scale)
    - Accelerometer option to move camera.
    - Use device time to set day or night.
    - Set manually day or night.
    - Fast time to see the change between day and night.
    - Show time, date and battery level on scene.
    Hope you enjoy it
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    Thanks for sharing. Is this your first app as well?

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    Yes it was one of my first lwp, sorry for the late answer :S

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