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    Default Hocus Pocus 3D Live Wallpaper

    Google Play link:

    Hocus Pocus 3D Live Wallpaper-featuregraphic_final.png

    Hocus Pocus is a fully 3D animated live wallpaper for your Android device featuring a Magic Wand that taps the Magic Hat to start the action, featuring
    Cute Rabbits, White Doves, Playing Cards, Magical Gloves (throwing fireballs), the Android Robot, and the tastiest flavors of the Android OS such as Cupcakes, Donuts, Gingerbread Cookies, Jellybeans, and, of course the latest flavor, KitKat, all coming out of the Magic Hat for you to enjoy!

    Also, fully customizable settings, portrait and landscape modes on phones and tablets, smooth scrolling through home screens, near-zero battery usage, onscreen Battery (Magic) Meter, for virtually any device running Android 2.3 and above

    If any problems arise with your purchase, please contact us for assistance at . We are more than happy to refund a purchase if we can't resolve an issue.

    Hocus Pocus 3D Live Wallpaper-device-2013-12-02-120649.png

    Hocus Pocus 3D Live Wallpaper-device-2013-12-02-121016.png

    Hocus Pocus 3D Live Wallpaper-device-2013-12-02-120512.jpg

    Hocus Pocus 3D Live Wallpaper-device-2013-12-04-130609.jpg Hocus Pocus 3D Live Wallpaper-device-2013-12-02-121404.jpg

    Hocus Pocus 3D Live Wallpaper-device-2013-12-02-121604.jpg Hocus Pocus 3D Live Wallpaper-device-2013-12-02-121914.jpg
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    Default Re: Hocus Pocus 3D Live Wallpaper

    Welcome to the forums.
    Thanks for sharing. Hope it does well in Play.

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