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    Default Thinking about swtiching from Palm

    Hi all. I'm new to this forum after being a member of PreCentral since January of '09. I'm thinking about switching from the Palm Pre to the EVO when it comes out next month. Haven't totally made up my mind, but this phone looks really promising... even though I'm not in a 4g area....yet.

    Anyway, just wanted to say HI.
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    I've been a member of TreoCentral and PreCentral for a while. I've been using a Palm product since the Palm 1000. A few weeks back I created an AndroidCentral account and today I'm going to Best Buy to pre-order the EVO.

    I've been looking at the Pre for a while, but some of the software hadn't caught up to what my ancient 755p could do. Most of those gaps have been filled, but the hardware on the Pre is not evolving fast enough, and the Android have pasted WebOS devices by. Also, the Google apps on Android are more advanced. I'm a premier customer, so I can go back to Palm next year, but they've got a lot of catching up to do. WebOS is nice and very promising, but I think it will be a year or two until it catches up. Palm just ran out of money and inertia.

    So I feel your pain. Go to a Best Buy with a functioning HTC Incredible and check it out. Same processor, Android version, and Sense UI. The EVO will have some nice tweeks, but the Incredible will give you a good idea of what you'd be getting into. Also, look at the size of the HTC HD2. It is the same size as the EVO. Enjoy.
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    I've been paying very little attention to PreCentral lately.
    I stop in to see if there's any news of new hardware but that's over.
    I'm 1st on the Pre-order list at my Best Buy so no going back now.

    Play with the incredible pay no attention to the optical ball and "goofey" aspect ratio. The Evo is a prettier device but will fuction mostly the same.

    Android could do a couple things better, *cough mulitasking, but what is has will make up what I'll miss on my Pre..I can from WM and had tons of apps. The Adroid guys at work have a lot of the funtionality I've missed.

    Switching will be a good. It'll force Palm/HP to step up their game if they want to win back the ones who switched plus new customers.

    I don't feel bad at all.
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    I have a Sprint Pre'. Its been a pretty good phone over the last 11 months, but today I went to Best Buy and Pre-ordered an Evo 4G. I am really looking forward to getting it.
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    Thanks all. I will try out the incredible at best buy. That is great advice!
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    I'm pretty sure there are quite a few of us Pre owners defecting for the Evo. I mean I loved the Pre and webos a i've had my Pre since launch day without issue but I read and surf a lot on my phone so I need a bigger screen. I may return next year if they get something bigger. I must admit I will miss the monthly updates.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kinster02 View Post
    I must admit I will miss the monthly updates.
    I won't. In fact 1.4.1 is the main reason I'm so impatient for the Pre. My phone has been horrible since.

    */rant: Camera takes a long time to open IF it opens. Same for the photo app. The screen bug that was suppose to be fixed from 1.4 is still there and annoying as heck, it takes multiple presses of buttons to get the screen to come on which is followed by a crash. Email accounts keep "resetting". Phone even crashes on incoming calls occasionally, how does that happen?
    IIRC 1.3 was also buggy. I'm not amused anymore with the frequent updates.
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    I too am defecting from the pre....its just not ready for now...as much as I love webos, is how frustrated it makes me...the luna restarts everyday finally put me over the edge...it will be nice to have a biger screen and use a touch keyboard....i will miss the gestures, tho, that's fr sure...itll prolly take me a while to figure out how to go back or close a program...lol
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    Check out TaskOS. It's about as close to the card system as we can get right now including "toss" to close.
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    Add me to the list. I love my Pre, but lately it's been showing it's age. That, and I'm a gadget addict. Two more weeks ...
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    Another Pre owner that's first on his local Bestbuy's EVO pre-order list.
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    Launch-day pre owner that has gone android.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sinman2224 View Post
    I too am defecting from the pre....its just not ready for now...as much as I love webos, is how frustrated it makes me...the luna restarts everyday finally put me over the edge...it will be nice to have a biger screen and use a touch keyboard....i will miss the gestures, tho, that's fr sure...itll prolly take me a while to figure out how to go back or close a program...lol
    Funny you mention that.. I still find myself trying to toss apps off the screen on my iPad!!! Now I will have to learn all new touch gestures again on June 4th... I loved my pre but the main reason I don't mind leaving palm is because try shafted sprint customers!! We waited in line lastnjune 6th.. Switched over tom AT&T or verizon just to just so we could get our hands on palms river stone.. And how do they repay us?? They friggin sell verizon customers and AT&T customers a much better version of the phone we love!! Screw that... I'm leaving palm for htc but I want to make it clear that if they would have given us the palm pre plus, I would be staying put and anxiously apbe awaiting the new palm and hp phone!! I love webos but they may have lost me for good...
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    I also as a long time palm user (had the original visor phone now have the pre and used everything in between) will be going to the EVO. For me the pre never worked for my job. the list of applications that i need have never quite come about. I have enjoyed the experience and love the palm company but now since HP is in the mix not sure what that means for the user of the future. I am sure palm will change the way they do business to be profitable. However after reflecting about what I really have liked about the pre all of it has come from the homebrew side and if not for that I would have probably ditch the pre months ago. I will miss that but if the pre had been what it should have been in the beginning then the homebrew would not have been needed. I also have felt like a beta tester from day one (got my pre 1 week after launch). I might go back one day but unless then make it more business friendly they will probably will not.
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    I bought the Palm Pre on July 1st and I can't wait to get my hands on the EVO. As a matter of fact I contacted Sprint to ask them to bump up my renewal date by a Month so that I can get the EVO in June. Wish me luck !! I have been fortunate and been able to keep my original Palm Pre but I have had a lot of little problems with the phone that add up to big steaming pile of Palm crap. As soon as I read about the EVO(supersonic) a few months ago I knew I was jumping ship as soon as it was released. Nice to see I am not the only Palm fan defecting for a bigger,faster,better phone.
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    Quote Originally Posted by fr4nk1yn View Post
    Check out TaskOS. It's about as close to the card system as we can get right now including "toss" to close.
    Looks interesting.... Where do you get the app? in the Market? or it there a link somewhere?

    BTW, I'm also a launch day Pre user that is on the list (at Radio Shack in my case)
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    Another Pre user here. Counting the days until that POS is deactivated.

    I tried using my GPS yesterday driving down the highway. Beautiful clear skies, not a cloud in sight. "..............cant get gps location" 3 times. Pulled over into a parking lot, got out, walked into the open, held my pre into the air ".................cant get GPS location"

    Piece of shi*.
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    I am also a launch day Pre buyer (not a launch day Pre owner, considering I'm on my 5th Pre... crappy hardware indeed) who is looking forward to the launch of the EVO. I jumped over to Sprint from T-Mobile for the Pre, but actually ended up liking the service much more than the phone, it's always fun to mock my friends who have AT&T and pay twice as much as me but get 0 bars when I get 5. Unfortunately there are no nearby Best Buys or Radio Shacks that carry the Pre, but I am on my local Sprint "Authorized Retailer's" waiting list for the EVO. Can't wait to get it, already started buying accessories. I'm going to truly miss my Touchstone though. I wonder how hard it would be to hack up a back cover for the EVO which could use it...
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    I agree, the pre is a good device but lets face reality. It's not a great device. That's what it comes down to for me. If they made an evo webos I would buy that instead.
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    The Pre would be good with new hardware.

    After I put on the 800 overclocking patch and scaled it using Govnah and whatnot, my Pre turned out to be better tenfold.

    Things like...
    - Processor
    - Battery
    - Screen size
    - Keyboard, etc

    ... can be fixed by new hardware.
    Unfortunately, until that day comes...

    I might be coming to the HTC Evo... I don't know yet. As a launch day owner, I was hoping for some new revolutionary technology.

    I got a revolutionary User Interface... the software was buggy, and the hardware was worse. I had to replace my Pre 3 times... I feel sorry for Sprint for having to deal with all that, cause I know people on PreC who replaced their Pre every week it seemed like.

    The software got better, and homebrew made it better. Overclocking was many people's savior.
    I can now stay with my phone because of overclocking. The 800 kernels made my Pre actually more stable.

    What I also hate is the 2-3 minute boot times. Like... wtf. Excuse me for alluding to a rotten apple, but the Iphone 3g takes 40 seconds and the Iphone 3gs takes 20 seconds.

    Then there's the Too Many Cards... Yeah, Sprint Pres were fun when 3d games came around the corner. I had to restart my Pre just to play games. Luna restarts were a good substitute, but for the average consumer I feel sorry for because they couldn't really play a game.
    The games are great though. If on a bigger screen, I would have had a much better experience. I realize I don't play Sims 3 or Asphalt 5 as much, and the screen size is the reason behind that.

    Other things like my Pre not holding a charge, the horrendous battery life drains (2-4 hours sometimes), etc... The software really needs some optimization.

    HP seems like they really want to go into the tablet market... great, but zZz... phones please.
    And things would be better if HP/Palm came into the tablet market with developers by their side. This and INTENSE marketing, specifically against the Ipad, will make it go pretty far.

    Anything saying the Ipad can't multitask and that the new HP/Palm tablet can multitask on a commercial will surely get people going.
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    thats what I mean, needs a hardware change bad.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dchamero View Post
    Looks interesting.... Where do you get the app? in the Market? or it there a link somewhere?
    It's in the Market. Also, check out AppBrain. You can easily browse through Market apps on your computer, and then selected them to be installed or uninstalled the next time you use AppBrain's sync feature on its Android App.

    Jerry H. has a really good and extensive article about AppBrain on AC.
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    I've had my Pre since launch date, I've never had it replaced or anything it's worked well for me this entire time. Then again I don't do anything major with it, I rarely used the GPS and if I played a game I was playing Blackjack. I've been with Sprint for a long time and I really had hoped the Pre would be the answer to the lack of great phones they've had but it fell a little short. Definitely looking forward to having something that actually shoots great pictures and can take some decent video and most importantly looking forward to Sprint getting back into the game with what looks to be their best phone in a long long time.

    P.S. - I was 11th at my Best Buy to preorder
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    hey I also own a pre n I LOVE IT, WEBOS is nice but the evo is a most have, I'm still gonna keep my pre I'm just gonna add a line so I can test that evo
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    I'm also contemplating getting an EVO. I had a Pre and got a Nexus a few months ago and in my opinion the grass is not exactly greener on the other side. Where my Pre brothers say "Too Many Cards", my Android brothers say Force Close. You think copy and paste from e-mail is half baked on a Pre, try it with Android. I also miss 3D gaming, things seem a bit 80sish in Android. I'm not hating. I switch back and forth between the two and love both OSs. But as Pre-vious Pre users, know that each will have its shortcomings and you will have to choose which ones are acceptable.
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